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The Zoo Race

It is recommended to use the arrow keys to move around

and the <control> CRTL key to jump over obstacles. Use either the mouse or keyboard for the game menu. Do NOT use both the keyboard and the mouse when racing, unless you are trying to break the game.

If you get lost in a random maze, then try following behind the other race creatures, because they know where to go.

Press <SPACE BAR> to honk.

Race Strategies:

The Food:

Whichever creature that you play as, be sure to act like a crazy creature and get all the food that you can, because collecting and eating all food gives you temporary energy bursts that can potentially propel you to the lead position.  If playing on the “Hannah’s Heights” or when running on the “Moon” itself though, then be careful of the crows there and them dropping their crow poop on the ground towards you.  Do not mistake the food for the crow poop, because eating crow poop results in a speed penalty, which will slow you down. 

When eating food, remember to act like an animal and eat as much as you can, in order to leave less for your opponents to eat, because if they eat the food, then that will propel them faster and they will pass you up on the racetrack. 

The Obstacles:

When playing as the fast horse or cougar, then try avoiding water as much as possible, because they are the slowest in the water. These creature types have no issues jumping over obstacles and they jump very high over the hurdles, cones, barrels, buildings, balloons, etc.   Try not to jump over all the food, however, because that is what can give you additional speed bursts to pass up your opposition. 

In contrast, the slower rhinoceros and bear jump very poorly, but actually, they don’t need to jump as they can run right through those barriers and knock them down with no speed penalty.  They can run over all obstacles except for the overhead and side smashers and the buildings.  Their swimming speeds are decent, but not great. 

If playing as the pig or sheep, then hit the water and swim quickly, because those creatures have expert swimming abilities. The pig and sheep have small legs and don’t jump well, however, so try to avoid all obstacles.  If following behind the big bear or rhino, then try getting directly behind them and let them absorb the barriers.


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