The Creature Credits

A Special thanks to all who helped out on the project

Music Credits:

Mike Dryden

All Lead Rock Guitars


Tiffany Casto

All female lead vocals by Tiffany Casto.
Click HERE for Tiffany's PURE VOCALS web-site.

Lead Vocals on "Noah's Story" by Tom Solanto

Lead Vocals on "The Inside" by Ian Brough

Lead Vocals on "The Name of the Lord is to be Praised" by Don Shortslef

Game Credits:

Lead game programming, level design, modeler, songwriting, mixing, web-site programming and all production by Randall Alaimo.

Randall Alaimo



All animal models and animation, except for Tamar the Tiger by Edin Razman

Additional modeling and level design by Jason Dube

Tamar the Tiger and portions of "Tamars Turf" level design by Dan Silverman

Voice of Hannah the Librarian by Juanita Dube