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Also available is NOAH'S ADVENTURES (The Original) Game

Download the complete version of NOAH'S ADVENTURES - From the year 2004 - CLICK HERE!

A PC Computer is Required

INSTRUCTIONS: This is the same exact Noah model in THE ZOO RACE game, but in this one you play as Noah. On the main menu in the game, read the instructions there. Be sure to hold down the SHIFT key to run around, or else Noah is walking around slow. In the HIDE AND SEEK game, be sure to talk to Noahs sons and look on the roof! The animal might be hiding up there. Where ever the creature is, it will be randomly blinking with an arrow pointing at it.
In the Adventure game, you must find the items that each creature thinks is needed to get them into the Ark. Once all the animals are in the Ark, then a giant storm errupts and you win! Or did you really win? When you find the soccer ball, then be sure to knock it in the net from LONG DISTANCE, to hear a special treat. Also, make sure to get the bowling ball and knock those pins down! yeaahhh!!! Test your animal knowledge in the quiz game! But Most of all, have fun...

Originally, this game was for little kids ages 5-10. Also, please try not to e-mail me expecting awesome graphics, this game is over sixteen years old! It still works though!

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