The Zoo Race - by Cougar Interactive

The Craziest Race game for the PC Computer !

The Story:

After Laughing and teasing her friend Rueben, because he believed in the Noah's Ark bible story, then Hannah the librarian has a dream about it.  In her dream, her friends are re-shaped into animals and she herself is changed into a race horse and participates in the "Race Games of Celebration" after the world flood.  But, unknown to everyone, Noah's sons have created a lot of hazardous obstacles on the race tracks for the creatures. 

These barriers on the race track slow down the participants and include hurdles, glass mazes, piranha fish, fire geysers , exploding barrels , rockets, cannons, bomber planes and more!  "Let's give them a REAL race, Ha!", said Shem.  "Yes and let's have some fun! " ( LOL ) said Japeth and Ham, so beware of Noah's 3 sons, because this race is so very different.

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A PC Computer is required.

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Also available is Noah's Adventures One (The original) game for a FREE download. Just navigate to the "Contact Zoo Dog" page or CLICK HERE!

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